Water Pollution Control Plant Tour

Have you ever wondered what happens after the water goes down the drain? Do you want to learn more about what the city does to purify water? Join us this Satuday, June 10, 2017 at Noon! This is a wonderful opportunity to see the processes through which our wastewater is cleaned and the part you can play in helping to keep the Lake clean.

This trek will grant you access to a building that was built to handle 16 millions of wastewater a day, which is pretty amazing! It was built in the 1970s to accomodate stricter clean water regulations and the Plattsburgh Air Force base. So come out and see this vital part of the City of Plattsburgh's infrastucture. 

There are some stairs involved in this trek so please keep that in mind and wear comfortable walking shoes. 

Hope to see you this Saturday!