Toxic Release! Environmental Simulation -- Tuesday October 25, 2016 5-8 PM

Join us at the Community Room in City Hall on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 5-8 PM to be part of  an environmental education simulation created by SUNY Plattsburgh in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency. Toxic Release! simulates the challenges associated with environmental problem solving at the local level. Participants in this role-playing game simulate community residents and advocates, industry executives and government regulators as they work together to manage concerns over hazardous pollution, public health and environmental integrity. The simulation is designed to build participants' skills at conflict management, collaboration, communication, policy innovation and leadership.

Curt Gervich will be leading the simulation. He is an Associate Professor in SUNY Plattsburgh's Center of Earth and Environmental Science. He holds a PhD in Environmental Design and Planning from Virginia Tech and a MS in Natural Resources Planning from University of Vermont. At SUNY Plattsburgh he teaches courses in Environmental Policy, Sustainability and Environmental Leadership, among others. Curt holds more than 10 years of professional experience collaborating with EPA and other federal and state agencies throughout the country on a variety of environmental planning and management challenges.

The event is free, but reservations are suggested at

Watch the preview at, and listen to the WAMC interview with Curt at Then join us at City Hall on Tuesday October 26, 2016 5-8 PM.

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