Suggested Agenda for 4/29/2020 SRTG Meeting


1. Update supervisors and others as necessary.
  • Action: Figure out who will spend some time talking to each of the relevant supervisors and others who should be involved in SRTG. If we each take  one of them, (in a nice and polite way) to promote SRTG and review the project it will not take much time.
2.  NYS Greenways Plan update. I sent out the webinar links previousl. There are still two more sessions open if you’re interested. The enclosed link is a follow-up survey from them.
  • Action: For our meeting on Thursday, I’d like to ask everyone to take a look at that survey so we can discuss it at our meeting. It’s very short so it shouldn’t take much time and will reveal some of the issues that are in the air.
Survey link:
3. Specifically for SRTG, I’d like to quickly go over the documents that I’ve posted on’s a lot of material there.
  • Action: It would be terrific if we can divide up the documents so we have people to look at each one. These are the documents from the feasibility study done by MJ so I think most of the work is to make certain that we have them all in order — no writing should be necessary. If anything, we may have to sort through some duplicate versions of documents.
4. Once again, we are confronting the easements issue. I think some of them depend on which alternate route(s) we use. If we can share this work, it shouldn’t take too much time from each board member. (Thank your James VERY MUCH) for doing so much of this already. 
  • Action: Choose who is responsible for each easement/section
5. The only item that I think will need writing will be the documentation of the Treadwell Mills spur which should be folded into the Blue Trails documentation that’s posted.
  • Action: Choose who will dothe documentation.
At Jeff Olson’s suggestion, unless and until we hear differently, we’ll assume this is a DOT project.