Angell Drive / Plattsburgh High School / SUNY Plattsburgh

This was the first segment of the Trail to be opened. For over a mile, the Trail winds from George Angell Drive behind Plattsburgh High School along the River past the campus and then up the gentle hill to Steltzer Road at S. Catherine Street. That route is a convenient and easy walk along the River. It is just over a mile long, and has several pleasing views and places to rest. Midway along this segment, Webb Island Bridge spans the river and connects the southern part of the City to the rest. It was renovated and re-opened with support from Betty Little, D. Billy Jones, the City, and Plattsburgh School District.   

As you follow the Trail, note the large Memorial Hall gymnasium as well as other college buildings. Behind Memorial Hall on the river shore, look carefully to find the ancient fossils embedded in the rocks.

The peaceful atmosphere on the RIver today is a contrast to the Tropical Storm Sandy which washed out the Trail. It has been re-routed further inland (becuase the River has veto authority). 


  • Parking (on Angell Drive); with permits on campus)
  • Seating
  • Fishing