Exploring Saranac River Trail

Here are some of the routes and places you might like to explore along Saranac River Trail. The Trail clearly has an end as the river empties into Lake Champlain at Peace Point Park, but the beginning is the three dozen tributaries of the Upper Saranac River. Along the way, there are a number of places providing direct access to parts of the Trail in the City of Plattsburgh. They are described in this section.


You'll also find a route you can follow that let you walk, cycle, run, or blade theTrail. With the exception of the intersection of Catherine Street and Steltzer/Pine Street, this route route has no cars. This ia the route from the campus/Platssburgh High school to downtown (BroadStreet Parking Lot at One Bridge Street. 

  • Start at Plattsburgh High School at Ruger Street and George Angell Drive.
  • Go to the end of George Angell Drive. If you are driving, there is parking available at the end of Grorge Angell Drive by the Webb Island bridge.
  • At the end of  George Angell Drive you'll see a  sign display of Saranac River Trail. That is a trailhead of the Trail. Walk, run, bike, or blade along the Trail. You'll find several benches along the way. See the other items on this website for more details.
  • Follow the Trail past the College past Memorial Hall (the largest building along theTrail at this point) the Trail goes up the hill to Steltzer Road. 
  • At the top of the hill turn right on Steltzer to the traffic light at Catherine and Steltzer. (Note that this segment from the top of the hill is the only part of the route that shares with cars (only about half a block).
  • Proceed across the intersection to Pine Street (a continuation of Steltzer Road).
  • Keep going along Pine Street past Stewart's and follow the gentle slope down to the main Trail and the river. 
  • Proceed along Pine Street to the Max Moore Tree House.
  • Cross the river on the Saranac Street Bridge.
  • At the end of the bridge, turn left onto the Durkee Street Bridge.
  • Follow the Trail along the river to the Broad Street Parking Lot (Downtown).


Max Moore Memorial Treehouse


Peace Point Park, Lake Champlain

Peace Point Park is located where the Saranac RIver flows into Lake Champlain. The Plattsburgh Marina is located there along interpretive signs. There are views of the Plattsburgh skyline that provide an unusual view of the City and its spires. A famers market on weekends is open seasonally.



  • Parking
  • Seating
  • Fishing
  • Shopping
  • Rest rooms
  • Food


City Hall

Plattsburgh City Hall is an historic government building located at City Hall Place in PlattsburghClinton County, New York


Bridge Street

In the heart of downtown Plattsburgh, Bridge Street crosses the Saranac River (hence the name of the street) and passes the historic downtown. Only few blocks long, it runs from the mouth of the Saranac River at Lake Champlain past buildings of a typical 19th century down town with ground floor shops and offfices surmounted usually by rental apartments. From the bridge itself,you can follow the path along the river to the MacDonough Monument and then City Hall. At the lower end of Bridge Street, you find the Plattsburgh Marina.


Angell Drive / Plattsburgh High School / SUNY Plattsburgh

This was the first segment of the Trail to be opened. For over a mile, the Trail winds from George Angell Drive behind Plattsburgh High School along the River past the campus and then up the gentle hill to Steltzer Road at S. Catherine Street. That route is a convenient and easy walk along the River. It is just over a mile long, and has several pleasing views and places to rest. Midway along this segment, Webb Island Bridge spans the river and connects the southern part of the City to the rest. It was renovated and re-opened with support from Betty Little, D.


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