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Friends of Saranac River Trail: Fall 2017 Update

We hope you have joined us for our events in 2017 including
  • Jeff Olson's talk "Ten Miles a Pint: How to Make Walking and Biking Part of Your Lifestyle (May 10, 2017)

Fall Treks

Hi Everyone! 

We wanted to offer you all two last Treks before our 2017 season officially comes to a close. We hope to see you!


History of Local Trees

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 at 10am

Invasive Species of Saranac River Trail

Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 10am

Meet up on Steltzer Ave, the section of trail across from Riverside Cemetery.

Join us and finish up NYS Invasive Species Awareness Week with a trek all about invasives in our area. Zach Simek from the Adirondack Park Invasive Plants Program will show you how to identify these invaders and will tell you what to do when you find them. 

This is a really great chance to get informed about plants in our area that are being monitored and find a way you can help out when you're enjoying walks along the trail. 

See you in the morning! 

Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants

Learn about the many plants that grow along the trail. 

Dr. Burgess will be leading a trek Saturday June 24, 2017 at 10am, to teach you all about the plants along Saranac River Trail and their many uses. Come learn which plants are a tasty addition to a salad, and which ones are useful when you have an upset stomach. Dr. Burgess's talk covers the plant's history, uses, and optimum harvesting times and techniques. You're sure to walk away from this trek with a new outlook on the plants you see everytime you walk the trail. 

Photo Trek with Penny and Ron

Grab your camera and join us on the trail this Saturday, June 17th!

Penny Clute and Ron Nolland are both local photgraphers that use nature as their muse. They love chatting with others about their approaches to their work. This is a great chance to get out, refine your skills, and talk to others who enjoy being behind the lens. 

The trek will meet up at 10am, on Steltzer Road in Plattsburgh, NY. There is a intersection in the trail that leads down to the campus on the sharp corner in this road, where we will meet. Where you go from there is up to you and your camera! 

Water Pollution Control Plant Tour

Have you ever wondered what happens after the water goes down the drain? Do you want to learn more about what the city does to purify water? Join us this Satuday, June 10, 2017 at Noon! This is a wonderful opportunity to see the processes through which our wastewater is cleaned and the part you can play in helping to keep the Lake clean.

June 3rd: National Trails Day Clean up!


Our annual trail clean up is taking place on National Trails Day: June 3, 2017.

We'll be meeting at 11am at the Wilcox Dock off of Cumberland Ave in the City of Plattsburgh. 

Please help us get this area cleaned up and ready for the summer months ahead by joining us in taking care of the local trails within our community. We will provide vests, bags, and garbage pickers. Just bring yourself, and others that also care about keeping our trails and community cleaned up!

See you soon!  

Birds of Saranac River Trail

Grab your binoculars and come join us in learning about the Birds of Saranac River Trail!
Whether you are new to the hobby, or you are a pro, this is a great opportunity to learn more and meet others with similar interests. Together, with Dr. Burgess, you will enjoy seeing the many returning migrants and year-round resident birds of Saranac River Trail.

Ten Miles a Pint: How to Make Walking and Biking Part of Your Lifestyle

Jeff Olson will be leading an open conversation about getting the Plattsburgh
Community to the next level of mobility. His presentation will cover
international trends in trails and how people are using them. He will also
talk about the 750 mile Empire State Trail across the state as well as Phase
III of Saranac River Trail which was just funded.

He will also be available to answer questions you may have about how to make
an active commute part of your lifestyle. Come out and take part in this

Happy 2017

Looking forward to 2017 on the Sarnanac River Trail

January 31, 2017: Ten Miles a Pint: How to Make Walking and Biking Part of your Lifestyle
Jeff Olson will be leading an open conversation about getting the local community to the next level of active mobility. He will be present to answer questions about everyday issues, such as dealing with adverse weather, bike storage, and how far you have to bike to work off that pint of beer. Come with questions and take part in this discussion!


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