Tips for Jane's Walks (Urban Walks)

General Tips for a Creating a Walk
(Join us at Plattsburgh City Hall on May 5, 2018 10-11:30 for our Downtown Plattsburgh Walk. Weather date is June 2, 2018 same time/place)
1. Plan for 1 hour/mile or less
2. Have a handout. Put copies in the places to visit and leave them there after the walk. Post on web.
3. Weather date
4. Sign up (optional — some people don’t want junk mail)
5. Have a release for people to sign (look at other walks). Key points: legal warnings and photo release
6. Use social media. Assume this is the first of several walks (it probably is) so the photos will work when you repeat the walk or one like it next year
7. Decide if it’s group tour or self-guided. One leader of the walk and/or guides for each stop.
8. Indicate for each stop if there are special events, performances, sales on the day or the week/whatever before/after
9. Listen to questions and comments. 
10. For leaders: Speak up (but if you need amplification, you probably have too many people on the walk.) Wear something distinctive (colorful/hat/scarf) so that people can identify the leader particularly when starting out.