State of the Saranac River


State of the Saranac River

October 28th, 2022

3:30 to 6:30pm  Hudson Hall Lecture Room 101 

The Plattsburgh State University is hosting this event along with the Lake Champlain Chapter of Trout Unlimited for the citizens of Plattsburgh New York and the surrounding area.

3:30 pm Introduction – Timothy Mihuc - Plattsburgh State University

  1. Early History of the Saranac River – Joshua Beatty Co Historian for the City of Plattsburgh and Associate Librarian PSUC 
  2. Industrial history of the river – Joshua Beatty/Tim Mihuc
  3. Gasification, Coal Tar, and it’s removal - Mike Flynn NYSEG
  4. Saranac River Trail – Jesse Feiler, President of Friends of Saranac River Trail 

Break 5:00 pm

  1. Salmon Pen Project - Nicole Balk NYS DEC Fisheries 
  2. PSUC River Restoration Project – Jacob Fetterman Trout Unlimited
  3. Salmon Restoration Indian Rapids/Fredenberg Dam - Dave Minkoff – Fish Biologist with USFWS 
  4. Imperial Dam update – Depending on speaker availability 6:30 pm Program ends