Max Moore Memorial Treehouse

The Max Moore Memorial Tree House, built along the Saranac River Trail at Pine Street is a universally accessible treehouse for everyone. A ramp leading up to the treehouse that is built on cottoneoof trees provides a great spot to look out over the river. This also is a great fishing area. A community project spearheaded by Sunrise Rotary which continues to be a major supporter of the Treehouse, the Treehouse has become the centerpiece of this area. Located where Pine Street and the bridges at Pine Streeet and Saranac Street meet, it is a popular spot.
With the bridges, it is an easy walk to or from the treehouse and the Broad Street parking lot. From the treehouse, it is a short walk to Saint Catherine Street where Steltzer Road leads to the segment of the Trail along the river at SUNY Plattsburgh. The walk from the treehouse to George Angell Drive at the far end of the campus is about a mile and a half. Over the years, The Trail has become an integral part of the City's transportation infrastructure.
This segment of the Trail has beek key. Pine Street was a two-lane two-way street, but as the Trail was developed, forward-thinking members of the community and the Common Council made the street one way with the other side of the street available for pedestrian and cycling use on a separate roadway. Benches along Pine Street let people enjoy the river. 
Friends of Saranc River Trail has been a player along with Sunrise Rotary in the development of the Treehouse. 
  • Accessibility
  • Parking
  • Seating
  • South Catherine Street
  • Food
  • Stafford Middle School
  • Durkee Street bridge
  • Saranac Street bridge