Jane's Walk -- May 5, 2018 10 AM -- Exploring Downtown Plattsburgh

We're putting together the walk for May 5, 2018 at 10-11:30 AM starting in front of City Hall. The walk will be an easy walk (few stairs). Following on Jane Jacobs’s ideas, we’re organizing local people to talk briefly about the places on the walk. We’ll have a one-page guide to the places on the walk that you can download from saranacrivertrail.org starting April 28, 2018. (We’ll have a few printed copies for participants, but if you want to bring your copy of the walk on your phone or other digital device, the trees will thank you.)

Bit of a problem: When we started making a list of the downtown places to include, we wound up with far more than an hour’s walk and more than a page. When you wander through our downtown (and, we think, almost any downtown) and look carefully at what is there, you find much more than you thought. So we’ve changed our plan. Instead of all of downtown Plattsburgh, we thought we could focus on the Bridge Street area.

That doesn’t work either: There’s too much in the Bridge Street area for a one-hour walk and one page.

Revised revised plan: We'll focus on the central Bridge Street area, saving upper and lower Bridge Street areas for another time.

The walk will be free and open to everyone. If you want to let us know you’re coming (so we get an idea of how many people to expect), email us at info@saranacrivertrail.org.

See you on May 5!