Friends of Saranac Trail Introduces “Photos from Quarantine”


Being in “quarantine” is an opportunity to slow down and pay closer attention to our immediate surroundings, and to our thoughts. One of the purposes in creating Saranac River Trail was to help folks enjoy the outdoors and discover things over-looked in our “normal” lives. 


Team member Penny Clute explained, “This is a new project about taking photographs to express yourself about being quarantined. What did you miss? What did you see that was new? Maybe noticing something for the first time. What are you looking forward to?”


This photo project brings focus to our new awareness, and lets us share what we find. Another member of the project team, Kim Cummins, adds, “Beginning Friday, June 19, we will post a daily topic on Facebook to guide your photos. Examples of topics are: ‘something I miss,’ ‘I never noticed that before,’ and ‘this reminds me of . . . .’ What does that topic bring to mind for you?”


It will likely mean different things to different people, and there is no wrong way to do this! Take 1-3 photos and post to the @Photos From Quarantine page. You can add a caption if you like. Your photos can be taken anywhere, but we would love it if you do some on the Saranac River Trail! Kim explained, “Each day around 10 am we’re going to post a topic of the day to help you with your photo exploration — to give a little bit of direction.”


We will have a Zoom call on Friday, July 3rd at 6 pm for those who posted photos to tell us about them. Sharing the stories that go with your photos is a big part of this project.


Lake Champlain Basin Program has provided a grant to Friends of Saranac River Trail for this project. The programming is part of the ongoing Talks, Treks & Tasks developed by Friends of Saranac River Trail. Treks have focused on edible and medicinal plants, birds, the natural history of trees, Plattsburgh’s downtown, and history of the harbor. For more information, contact Friends of Saranac River Trail at, on the web, or 


This project was funded by an agreement LC00A00394 awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency to the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) in partnership with the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP). NEIWPCC manages LCBP’s personnel, contract, grant, and budget tasks and provides input on the program’s activities through a partnership with the LCBP Steering Committee. 


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About the team:

Penny Clute is a retired Plattsburgh, New York, City Court Judge and former Clinton County NY District Attorney. She retired in early 2012 after 38 years in the law. Now she enjoys photography and researching and writing about history, and has a monthly column in the Plattsburgh Press Republican on "You and the Law." You can see her photographs at


Kimberly Cummins is a website designer and social media manager based in Plattsburgh, NY. Her business 'Hey, I'm Kim' builds web sites for small businesses at a price they can afford. When not working, she enjoys biking, gardening, and reading. You can find out more about her and her work at